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About the campaign

#DayofFacts was an international social media campaign that took place on February 17, 2017. On this day, museums, libraries, archives, cultural institutions, science centers and other trusted public sources of knowledge shared mission-related content using the hashtag #DayofFacts. While there were no limits on the factual content that could be shared, we encouraged institutions to share content relevant to this particular moment in American history. By not taking an overt political stand but simply sharing mission-related, objective, and relevant facts, we aimed to show the world that our institutions are still trusted sources for truth and knowledge.

This campaign was also an opportunity to reaffirm our institutions as welcoming places for everyone. Many of our constituents and visitors are part of groups that are feeling more marginalized than ever. Museums and cultural organizations are uniquely situated to serve as safe and welcoming places (physical or virtual) committed to their communities without exception.

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