Content Suggestions by Institution Type

We encourage all participants to stick to mission-focused content only, preferably sharing facts directly related to your institution, its collections, its programming, or its research. Don’t feel like you have to create a ton of content. If you only have time to draft 1–2 tweets, that’s perfectly fine.

We welcome further suggestions—please let us know what you plan to talk about and what other topics you’d like to see covered → contact us!

Resources: We’re also collecting statements by organizations that reaffirm their values as well as useful articles and studies. Please feel free to contribute by emailing us or send us a message on Twitter @dayoffacts.

Museums General

Art Museums & Arts Organizations

  • The importance of arts education
  • The importance of federal funding from NEA/NEH/IMLS
  • Intersections of art and activism
  • Facts about artists in your collection, or who have been part of educational or exhibition programming, from refugee/immigrant backgrounds, or who work with social justice topics
  • Arts and free speech

Libraries & Archives

  • Value of free speech
  • How to find reliable information and evaluate sources
  • Community initiatives
  • Literacy

Science Centers & Natural History Museums

  • Wildlife conservation
  • Ocean conservation
  • Importance of STEM education
  • Climate change
  • Importance of national parks and conservation areas
  • Effects of pollution on the environment and people

History Museums & Historic Sites

  • The value of teaching history in understanding the present
  • History of immigration
  • History of 20th century refugee migrations, including Bosnian refugees in the 1990s, Southeast Asian refugees in the 1970s and 1980s, European refugees of the 1930s, etc.
  • Civil rights movements including voting rights, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, human rights
  • African American history
  • Asian American history, particularly Japanese-American Internment, refugee movements of the 1970s (Hmong, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian)
  • Latino history
  • International trade
  • The constitution
  • Religious tolerance
  • History of political movements
  • Holocaust history & antisemitism

For all organizations

  • Diversity & inclusion initiatives
  • Community outreach and programming