Welcome and Mission

Welcome and Mission

Thank you for your interest in #DayofFacts. #DayofFacts is an international social media campaign that will occur on February 17, 2017. On this day, museums, libraries, archives, cultural institutions, science centers and other trusted public sources of knowledge will share mission-related content using the hashtag #DayofFacts. While there are no limits on the factual content that you can share, we hope institutions will share content relevant to this particular moment in American history. By not taking an overt political stand but simply sharing mission-related, objective, and relevant facts, we will show the world that our institutions are still trusted sources for truth and knowledge.

This campaign is also an opportunity to reaffirm our institutions as welcoming places for everyone. Many of our constituents and visitors are part of groups that are feeling more marginalized than ever. Museums and cultural organizations are uniquely situated to serve as safe and welcoming places (physical or virtual) committed to their communities without exception.

  • Check out the Content Guidelines for content suggestions and social media best practices.
  • Check out the Resources pages to see how other organizations will be participating, and to read museum statements on current events.
  • Check out our partial participant list to see who else is joining.

Who Can Participate?

Any institution, both in the United States or abroad, as well as any individual, is welcome to participate. Institutional accounts can register via this form. Registration is not mandatory, but will help us provide updates; we’re also seeking organizations with subject area specialties to help draft content. Personal participants need not register, but only use the hashtag #DayofFacts on the day of the event.

Who Should Participate?

We encourage every institution to think deeply about your mission, funding, board composition, and governance structure before deciding to commit. We cannot promise that every participating institution will be free from any backlash, particularly if you receive grants or funding from U.S. federal sources such as IMLS, NEA, NEH or if you are a government museum.

Individuals are free to participate; however, federal employees should bear in mind the Hatch Act which prohibits activism during time that you are working, including telework. For information about Hatch Act requirements, read the Hatch Act FAQs. If you are a federal employee, please be careful about participating while “on the clock” as it may result in retaliation.

We especially welcome our international museum friends and partners, who face less of a threat of losing funding.

Regardless if whether or not you participate institutionally, we encourage every museum and every individual to participate and to follow @DayofFacts and #DayofFacts on social media on February 17.

What should I post?

Check out the Content Guidelines for content suggestions and social media best practices. We also have expanded suggestions based on your institution type, and an-progress list of resources.

If you’re concerned about your capacity or existing content strategy, don’t worry! If you only have time to draft 1–2 tweets, that’s perfectly fine.

Why #DayofFacts?

The hashtag #DayofFacts was selected after consultations with several social media and museum professionals. While it was suggested we include “museum” in the title, we recognize that all institutions participating may not be museums. We want to be inclusive of all other types of institutions who provide factual content. We welcome participants to include other hashtags relevant to their field in addition to #DayofFacts, such as #museumsmatter, #sciencematters, #museumsforfacts, etc.

How Can I Help?

#DayofFacts is being run by volunteer coordinators. We will need help brainstorming content for February 17, and for help communicating with participants before and during the event. If you have experience in any of these areas, please email the organizers at dayoffacts@gmail.com

How Do I Register to Participate?

Registration for this event is closed.